psychic seamstress , using intuition, tarot cards, oracle cards and a background in psychology

Self Awareness is Essential

 We seem to have found ourselves in this state of change in our lives.  people are finding themselves splitting in relationships, changing their jobs or simply just finding themselves on different life paths all together.  We are in a time of  transformation and with that comes a place for great change.  Now is the time to listen to our inner voice and really open ourselves to our higher power and pay attention to the messages being given.  Realize that it is not what we loose but what we gain from the experiences is what is important.  People and situations are not being stripped away from us but rather clearing a path for new ones on their way.  
   We need to let go of the thought patterns that lead us to believe that life is something that is happening to us but rather that we are a co-creator in the reality we exist in.  We always have a choice and with that choice comes responsibility and accountability for ourselves and the decisions we make.
   Through being self aware we are able to create change in our lives that remove us from negative thought patterns and apply new positive ones.  If we can find ourselves in a place of being able to identify these associations we have with our feelings and behaviors we can recreate new ones, healing the very essence of our spirit.
     Learning to truly love and forgive ourselves can really help us begin our journey and answer the questions we strive to find answers for in all the wrong places.  

We all have questions

 From time to time we all have questions that we need answered. Sometimes guidance is needed to make big life decisions as our world changes around us. 

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May 29, 2019

 "She is awesome.. was on point.. said things that no one else knew.. ran out of funds.. thank u "

November 24, 2018

 "Please reach out to her, she’s accurate, fast and straight to the point. Sorry for our short conversation, can you please send me the last thing you were writing. Thank you. "

May 21, 2019

" Was right on point, sensed the 3rd person that others could not pick up on and explained my love interests feelings perfectly. Thank you "

November 14, 2018

 "Like always so enlightening and confirming. Bella, has such a gift "

October 17, 2018

 "I have had two very good, NICE readings with her. The first was so intense but when I re-read what she wrote, in hindsight, it was even better than how good I remembered it! She just reads this amazing undercurrent of your situation and she helps you see into your own heart and your own soul. "

September 15, 2018

 "If I could give her 5,000,000 stars, I would. I’ve had a lot of great readings (here and in my life) but this reader is easily the absolute BEST I have ever experienced. It’s like she read me, read my energy, read my situation, helped me tap into my intuition, helped encourage and empower me, had clairvoyance, psychic, and empathic powers, and she read my friend. This conversation was SO intense and special to me. It made a HUGE difference in my attitude AND my life. Thank you SO much. I hope you know what you did for me. "

Journey of the fool

Ten of Swords


 As the light in the sky has begun to fade away and the night sky has begun to emerge itself ,the reality of the situation is that it is fact over. This battle can not be won. Though things may have not gone in the manor we would have liked, its time to let go. Cut your loses and say your final goodbye. This does not have to be a sad ending of defeat. Take from this experience , the lessons that you have learned and allow yourself a new beginning. Tomorrow is a new day and with it comes with endless possibilities. 

The Star


 The stars are indeed watching over you. This I have no doubt. You are not alone and it is safe now to rest and take some time to heal and love yourself. It is safe to look within and gather yourself for the worst of it is over. So much change and shifting in our worlds, it can create a weary heart but have no doubt, that time is behind us and its time to regroup and gather ourselves for what has yet to come. Good news is upon us along with a new sense of creativity and insight of what direction is next. Trust yourself and listen to that voice inside of you, its there to guide you.  

The Chariot


 you may have found yourself in unfamiliar territory and because of this you feel like you are uncertain of which direction to go. Which direction you choose is not what you should be focusing on but rather trust yourself in moving in a forward motion. Trust your instincts though the path may seem unclear, your intuition will not fail you on this journey. Take the reins and assume control, the rest will follow .



 Acknowledging something has come to an end is never an easy thing to digest. With the death card comes change and change seems to be what we all fear so much. But with change changes comes new beginnings and perhaps it is not people or things beginning stripped away from us but a path being cleared to make room for what yet is to come. We have trusted the process to lead us to this point and we now are faced with the reality that this times has passed. Its time to reflect and gather ourselves and all our new tools we have acquired so we may now move forward to the grand adventure that still awaits us. Sometimes that means letting go of those that do not have our best interest at heart or relationships that don't serve our higher-self any longer. Perhaps its just time to make change in ourselves and our worlds to find our happiness inside our-self and to do that we have to learn to let go and trust. 

Four Of Swords


 Feeling restless when rest is exactly what is needed. Our minds spiral and we find our thoughts twisting up in confusion of what the right answer is to the question that feels resolvable. Perhaps it is time to let go and surrender for the moment and allow ourselves the space to quiet our thoughts. The answers will come but worrying wont bring them any sooner. 

Five of Cups


 When it comes to self healing more often then not it requires forgiveness. Forgiving others can be challenging at times especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Mistakes may have been made or wrong doing have occurred. Trust is broken and that isn't always easy to come back from. But self forgiveness seems to be one of the hardest things to do. We can be so critical on our-self for mistakes and choices we have made and this can bind us into patterns that are more hurtful to ourselves then anything else. Letting go of the pain and allowing our hearts to forgive can truly free us to allow love and trust back into our worlds.