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Rachel Woodward and Shane jones , owners of seaward sushi bar in midtown ventura.

When Sushi Meets Art

Meet The Owners of Seaward Sushi

As former fashion designer Rachel Woodward sprinkles Wasabi Masago on top a dragon sculptured Sashimi roll decorated in curated Japanese sauces shaped like splattered fireworks, it's clear that this isn't an ordinary sushi sushi restaurant.  

"Each plate is a celebration to honor Japanese culture and cuisine."

The ceilings are covered  floating paper umbrellas, the napkins are   

folded into origami fans, and guests are greeted by self maintaining ecosystem aquarium.  

The entire atmosphere screams that an artist is in the building and she isn't afraid to express herself.  

"All the geisha in the murals have been painted in the likeness of close family and friends. Those who have helped us throughout this journey."

Woodward commissioned Alabama mural artist Cori Alsbrooks.  She loved her work so much she flew  Alsbrooks all the way out to Ventura, CA.

Alsbrooks is a bubbly young woman with strong southern accent.  

"I got sooo much work from people seeing my mural that I ended up moving out here to Los Angeles!"

Alsbrooks recently did murals for both Applebee's and IMAX.  

Woodward re-opened Seaward Sushi on Christmas eve 2018 after three years of  renovating the building to bring it up to Ventura County City code and regulations.

The Sake menu is abundant with variety of different regional picks carefully crafted from different grains and floral accents that will be served both hot and cold. They will also be serving authentic Japanese craft beers made by Coedo.

Shane Jones is the restaurants Classically trained Sushi Chef that has helped build Seaward Sushi from the bottom up alongside his now wife Woodward.  

"We are really picky about quality"

This historic landmark was originally established in 1979 by Japanese immigrants and Woodward and Jones decided to keep the name and add their own unique touch.

Former Fashion Designer

The entire atmosphere screams that an artist is in the building and she isn't afraid to express herself.

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