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 Established in 1979, Seaward Sushi is the oldest sushi bar in Ventura. The family owned restaurant also holds the distinction as being one the first sushi bars to have had a female chef. It was very rare at the time for a woman to not only own a business but to be educated in the art of making sushi. The restaurant quickly became a hit and a staple of Ventura cuisine. 

It has taken the New Owners three years to restore this Iconic eatery. Transforming it's atmosphere

New Owners

It took the New Owners three years to restore this iconic eatery.  Breathing life through edible art,  music and a rustic twist to the original menu, is just what they have done, creating a dinning experience through atmosphere and  Japanese cuisine.


Catering , Special Events and Delivery


Now offering delivery between 1pm -4pm for all business's within the midtown area. 


 10% off your orders for all students and public servants (just present your ID). 


For all your special event needs.  We would love to discuss how to be apart of your next event


Learn to make sushi like a pro! Now offering weekend classes. Ask about specials and couple rates.

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Three Years in the making

Established in 1979 , the building hadn't been brought up to code since 1985.  Seaward Sushi changed hands in late December of 2015 and wouldn't re-open its doors till December of 2018

Behind the Vision

Rachel Woodward

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 In 2015, Rachel Woodward and her son, Donovan Howell purchased the long time loved establishment. Renovating the 900 square foot restaurant would take close to three years, reviving the iconic sushi bar, giving new life and an over the top artistic dining experience for all that come in. 


Shane Jones

shane jones, sushi chef, sake flights, business owner, sushi bar, sashimi, take out, dine in, chef

After meeting his now wife, Rachel Woodward, Shane attended the sushi academy in Los Angeles.  Since then he has been redesigning the original menu giving it a more rustic gourmet approach to sushi. Working along side his wife in the Sushi bar, together they have given each dish an over the top edible art display to dine from.  


Cori Alsbrooks

mural artist, artist, painting murals, cori alsbrooks, comic con, mural designer, ventura locals

Originally from Alabama, we discovered Cori and her portfolio online in early 2016.  With her growing clientele in Southern California while based out of Alabama, she made the move to a full time career in the Los Angeles Area.    These past three years she brought her authenticity and genuine personality aboard to our project , bringing Seaward Sushi to life.  


Coastal Marble & Granite

stone, matrix, coastal marble, granite, counter tops, honeycomb, custom made

Originally we picked the stone from Stone west , which happened to reside down the street from Coastal Marble. Though our vision was not the most popular of choices when it came to stone and design, they came though for us and gave us theses beautiful counter tops you can now see throughout the establishment.  In the sunlight you can even see the shimmer of silver flakes sparkle throughout the stone.


Doc Aquarium

smart tank, Japanese nature tank, doc aquarium, fish tank, nature tank, dragon wood

One of the first of many purchases on this journey.  A 6 foot custom made Japanese nature tank (Smart Tank) to replace the previous tank.  Hooked up to the wifi this tank not only is developing its own little echo system but feeds the fish and regulates itself through power of technology.


Concrete illusions

epoxy floors, marble epoxy technique, concrete floors, floor coating, sushi bar, business renovation

No two floors look look alike , nor can you predict what your concrete floor will do once the epoxy starts to do it's thing. Never could I have imagined how beautiful our floors would turn out but what an exciting experience , picking colors and watching and waiting to see what will happen. The passion and skill during this time made it that much more exciting.  When sunlight hits the floors mid day , you can see gold flakes that glitter across the marble swirled floors.